• End of Year Wrap Up

    End of Year Wrap Up 1
    One of the best parts about Christmas is the beautiful music. This year our son sang some Christmas songs for the St. Louis Women’s Connection.

    There are lots of reasons to like Christmas.  For those who are politically astute, Christmas provides an opportunity for us to refocus on what is really important, faith, family and showing love.  The special moments that strengthen our interpersonal relationships might even obscure the miseries of the horrible weather outside.

    Yet, about 100 years ago when the rest of the nation was enjoying their beautiful Christmas celebrations with horse drawn carriages and candles lighting their real Christmas trees, our Congress was proposing some of the worst legislation in the history of our nation.  Our country was far more Left-leaning than it is today.  The Socialist Party garnered 6% of the presidential vote.  A member of the Socialist Party held an office in Congress, and the Democrat Party had the majority in both chambers of Congress and in the White House.