• School Board Questions

    This is a picture of some school board members while citizens were speaking at a meeting.  Perhaps they should be called the school “bored” members!  Since school boards often have elections in the Spring, this is a good time to ask questions.  

    A friend of mine sent me a message asking me if our school had litter boxes.  I laughed and told her I hadn’t heard of that, but I figured if my school used barn cats to control rodents, it’s not the worst problem. She responded by saying she was referring to this bizarre possibility a school could allow their students to pretend they are cats!  

    Although that was not confirmed, many schools are pushing other kinds of perversion and keeping secrets from their parents.  We know in some school districts children take hormones that could cause serious health problems and parents are left out of the loop.  Transgender delusions are contagious. If one child gets attention from claiming to be a transgender, it emboldens others to try it for fun.  

    In a misguided  and morally bankrupt environment, nothing should surprise us.  Godlessness has consequences.  Where will this unhealthy behavior take us?  Certainly not to producing upstanding citizens who fear God and keep His commandments. 

    Years ago when schools discussed grooming, we thought it meant brushing teeth and combing hair.  Now it means something very wicked and evil.  Anyone, with or without children, has a right to care and get involved.

    Once children’s minds are molested by being forced to think about deviant actions, it’s hard for them to concentrate on reading, writing and arithmetic!  If you want to make your voice heard, now is the time. 

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    1.) Pray for us, the candidates, the voters and all who are still standing for what’s right.  We must be brave, strong and clear, even as truth becomes more of a rarity.  

    2.)  Share this newsletter with everyone you know who should care about the direction of our country.

    3.)  Let me know, using the “Comment” button, if you still like getting our newsletter and if you have suggestions for our newsletter or a topic for our podcast.

    4.)  Go out and vote for the good ones!


    Today, we talk with Kathy Guerra, a licensed Counselor running for the Parkway School Board.

    It seems like the only time we get some accountability is when the school board members are up for election. It’s easy to want to give up, but being an American citizen demands that we care enough to vote.

    The duty to vote and promote good people as candidates is a moral duty and is part of being a Christian citizen. Our voice, our hands and our mouths are part of being salt and light. No matter how discouraged you get with the political climate, do not shirk your duty and do not make excuses.

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  • Reading – Writing – Arithmetic?

    Character means more than party affiliation

    kidsinclass1b3643All this time we thought our education tax dollars were intended for teaching “the three Rs”—reading ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.  If the school boards would focus on the purpose for their creation, we would save ourselves a great deal of wasted time, emotional turmoil and tax dollars.

    California provided the nation with a lesson on how far a state can go off the mission of academics with a bill passed last year.   This new law is now forcing their school children to be indoctrinated in “politically correct” distractions pertaining to deviant lifestyles.  Sadly, this is way off target and will prove to be a greater distraction to learning the basic essentials.  California may find they have created more problems than they solved.