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An Insider’s Glimpse into the Oregon Bundy Standoff


Have you been watching the news about the standoff with the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon? On our show today, we talk with Russell Bolton, a military expert who gives us an insiders scoop and his analysis of what really happened. Russell is the head of the Stevens County Assembly in Washington State.

You will learn what we’re doing wrong, what we’re doing right and how we can change the narrative.

For more information, go to StevensCoAssembly.com

Russell Bolton – One County at a Time


No need to take this lying down!  On this episode of Home Front, we talk with Russell Bolton about how we can correct the direction of our country.  In a little county in the great Northwest, Russell is doing just that through the Stevens County Assembly.  He has nearly 150 people coming out to hear the positive message of how to make a difference through the proper channels allowed by law to reclaim lost ground.  Join us and be inspired.