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Ray Moore – Escaping Common Core


On today’s edition of Home Front, you will hear that we can offer our children something better than the public schools.

Parents need to get a grip.  It’s time to quit feeding the beast!  Listen to our show today to hear how and why!

Today we have Ray Moore with us.  Ray Moore is a  retired Chaplain, Lt. Col for the US Army Reserve.  He received the Bronze Star Medal for his role in the Golf War.

Ray Moore  has authored  and produced many books and videos including IndoctrinationLet My Children Go and his latest, Escaping Common Core.

Education Systems with David Whitney


It all boils down to one question: To whom do the children belong? Some people think they belong to the state and their parents belong to the state as well. This perspective is horribly misguided and the ramifications on the family are destructive to the core.

Today, I interview Pastor David Whitney from the Institute on the Constitution. He shares with us a historical perspective on the public school system and offers sound advice to parents on how to protect themselves and their children.

E Ray Moore on Anti-Christian Indoctrination in Public Schools


E. Ray Moore is the President of Frontline Ministries and executive producer of the award winning film, “IndoctriNation.” Mr. Moore addresses the anti-Christian indoctrination that is prevalent in government schools and why parents should be seeking educational alternatives for their children.