• Prescription Drugs

    Is It Too Much Big Brother?


    Most likely, everyone knows a friend or a family member who is addicted to prescription drugs.  It frustrates us to know that some people are going around from doctor to doctor getting prescription drugs—frequently paid for by us taxpayers—and then selling them on the street for money or abusing the drugs on themselves.  Most of us know this is a problem, but we differ on how to solve the problem.  The limited government people know that the only way to correct this is with us holding each other accountable.

    The “big government” people think the way to solve this is by creating a tracking system.  There are two problems with this:  First, this is expensive, cumbersome and laborious.  Second, as soon as the bigger bureaucracy is in place, those who want to circumvent it will have found a way to  navigate around the hurdles.