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Shrewd Samaritan – Bruce Wydick


On this episode, we interview Bruce Wydick.  Bruce is the professor of economics and international studies at the University of San Francisco and a research affiliate at the University of Notre Dame.  He recently wrote a book called, “The Shrewd Samaritan”.

Scott Roberts – Worldviews


Have you ever wondered why some people are so ignorant about certain issues? It’s been said that Theology drives Philosophy. Agreement starts with having a common understanding of life. On our show today, we discuss what’s wrong with Socialism and what the church is supposed to be doing. You’re going to hear about what is accomplished by going to a foreign country on a Missions trip, and how we can address poverty apart from growing government bigger and how to know the truth.

Today we have Scott Roberts. Scott is from Bellingham, Washington where he pastors Hope in Christ Church.

Feed My Peeps

This photo was taken of me with a very special lady, Jacki Dirksmeyer, the founder of Feed My Peeps.

This photo was taken of me with a very special lady, Jacki Dirksmeyer, the founder of Feed My Peeps.

I just love it when the private sector proves that it is better, less expensive and is more compassionate than government. When we look at many of the government programs that are a waste of taxpayer dollars, it should make all of us shake our heads. Too often the only beneficiaries are the bureaucrats who get job security out of it.

Here is an excerpt from a letter I received recently from a friend and expert on poverty, Star Parker: Continue reading

Dr. Mike McManus of Marriage Savers


Home Front with Rep. Cynthia Davis on Missouri Grassroots Radio.  As a writer, speaker and former state legislator, Cynthia Davis shapes the public debates back toward integrity, honor and the ultimate weapon for limiting government—strengthening families.

This week we will be talking with Dr. Mike McManus, president of Marriage savers.  Mike will be talking with us about how the government has crafted policies that destroy marriage and exacerbate cohabitation, poverty and misery.