• Mike Moon

    Representative Mike Moon


    Today, I’m going to introduce  you to a current Missouri State Representative, Mike Moon, who is brave, principled and honorable.  It takes one to know one.  On our show today, you’re going to gain some insights into what it takes to have integrity and how to have a clean conscience in the political world.

    The purpose for a special session is to address urgent legislative necessities, yet most governors call these to showcase their positions and to provide political theater for lobbyists and political junkies.  As my friend, Mike Moon, was preparing to go back to Jefferson City, he recorded a video of himself butchering a chicken, which is what he does for his livelihood.  It caused a lot of excitement similar to some of the National sensation I experienced when I was in office.   You can watch it here.

  • Cal Zastrow – Planned Parenthood


    Honorable people will always decry murder no matter who commits it. But the media hype shows the hypocrisy of the left.

    Those who support abortion make a huge deal about a mentally ill man who shot up Planned Parenthood, but don’t have any comprehension that Planned Parenthood commits acts of violence every day they’re doing abortions.

    So what’s a good citizen to do? On our show today we share some ideas for how you can make a difference.

    I interview pro-Life champion, Cal Zastrow, who explains the right perspective we should have when a tragedy happens.