• Bill Federer – Women and Islam


    In today’s episode, we talk with renowned historian, William J. Federer about the real war on women.

    How accurate were Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast?

    If you want to hear a broad historical perspective of Islam and world aggression, this is the show for you.

    God seems to like waiting until the odds seem hopeless and then raises up little nobodies with Faith and courage to do big things. This is our time. It’s now our turn. www.americanminute.com

  • Darrell Castle 2014 in Review


    We have a real treat for you on today’s episode of Home Front. I interview Darrell Castle and he surprised me with some of his comments.

    We talk about where things went awry in 2014, but we also paint a picture for you of what could happen to correct our problems. Don’t lose hope! Listen and learn about Obamacare, Muslims, Cuba, and thoughts on running for president as we look at 2014 in review.

    What “fundamental changes” from last year have indelibly altered the course of history? Ready for some more history in the making? In this episode you can hear from the lips of Darrell Castle what he thinks was the worst and the best of 2014 and what we should expect to happen in this next coming year.