• When is it time to Fire the Fox?

    Fire the Fox 1


    Last week Mozilla forced a resignation of one of its co-founders because he donated to an effort to pass a “definition of marriage amendment” in California (Prop 8). The amount he donated was $1,000. He was also the inventor of the Javascript web scripting language.

    Would you have guessed that we would find ourselves living in a country where a person can be fired for donating to support morality, even if it was six years ago? This is a private sector decision, so it is within the rights of the business to fire this person, yet we should all wonder if, or when, it might happen to us.

    At the same time, we are now entering a chapter where bakeries, photographers and florists are losing the right to their own consciences by declining business. It appears that it’s okay to fire the moral people but not okay to fire immoral people.

  • David Usher Discusses Brendan Eich Being Driven From Mozilla for His Beliefs


    The headline reads: “Mozilla Co-Founder Brendan Eich Resigns as CEO…”

    Are we at a point where people are getting fired for holding beliefs? Today we talk with David Usher, President for the Center for Marriage Policy, as we discuss how a man was pressured to resign simply for donating to a cause he believed would strengthen his home state.

    What kind of chilling effect will this have on your philosophical beliefs?

    Has religious persecution started?

    Join us today as we delve into these issues and more.