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    Several years ago I watched my husband change light bulbs. The problem was that the ceiling was 18 feet high. He had to bolt 2 X 4s to the bottom of the ladder and then he needed a step ladder to get to the bottom rung. Probably the biggest misconception is that minimum wage is designed to help those on the lowest end of the ladder. Actually, the opposite is true. Minimum wage raises the height of the lowest rung of the ladder, making it more difficult to find gainful employment.

    I’m getting weary of candidates for public office saying they are going to create jobs. Really??? Businesses don’t have the same goal as government. Businesses don’t open up so they can create jobs. They open up so they can engage in an industry the owners find meaningful and so they can make a profit and then hire more people to keep growing. If they don’t make a profit, they naturally go away.

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    Is the minimum wage good or bad? How did it begin and who does it affect? A lot of people think the minimum wage is designed to help the poor. To the contrary, it actually does the most harm to those in the lower economic income bracket.

    Today we talk with Michael Tennant, a free lance writer for The New American magazine, on what the minimum wage does to our economy, the history of the minimum wage and the impact it has on the poor.

  • Minimum Wage

    This is a poster I saw on Facebook.  What do you think?
    This is a poster I saw on Facebook. What do you think?

    Talking about money and wages is sort of like talking about climate change. First, it’s always changing. Second, everyone seems to have a different opinion. Some are more correct than others, but what is the real question here? Who should determine the amount a person should be paid?

    Our ability to understand this issue depends on who is the focus. Polls show that nearly 80% of the voters sympathize with the employee. However, there are two other parties in the deal—the employer and the government. How you feel about minimum wage laws depends on where you focus your attention.

    The real motivation behind a minimum wage increase is greed. Office holders know that the State and National governments stand to be the greatest beneficiary if the minimum wage increases because more wages means more taxes on those wages. More taxes allow the elected officials to spend more money and then pat themselves on their backs for doing so much to benefit more people.