• Defunding the Police

    This is the statue of the Texas Ranger….the epitome of law enforcement professionalism and, the State of Texas itself, the Texas Rangers are highly regarded as one of the finest Law Enforcement Organizations in the world. Last week it was removed under the order of the City of Dallas because people are distorting history in an effort to tear apart our Country.


    How are we supposed to act when it seems like the world is self destructing?  The stories of defunding police departments is one of the most idiotic ideas so far.  If we care about poor people trapped in ghettos, this is one of the most harmful policies yet.  The police are often the only thing standing between them and violent criminal predators.

    Sadly, we now have a bunch of lynch mobs trying to kill people, harm innocent businesses, deface our monuments, trash our neighborhoods and destroy our Country.  When is it going to stop!!!