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John Eidsmoe – Authority on the US Constitution


Celebrate Constitution Day with our special guest, John Eidsmoe.  John comes to us as an expert on Constitutional law and holds five degrees in law, theology and political science and has authored 12 books.  This is a rare opportunity to learn about some little known facets of our constitution and call in with questions.

Happy Constitution Day!

Happy Constitution Day 1A few weeks ago I met Cal Zastrow when he was passing through St. Louis.  Cal is in this video modeling to the country how to be loving and also firm when standing up for the principles of life:

Some of you may not realize that today is Constitution Day. That is the day the Continental Congress signed our US Constitution into law in 1787.
The United States Department of Defense web site about the U.S. Constitution.

As a State Legislator for Missouri, the National Conference of State Legislators, (NCSL), provided me with promotional materials to offer to my local schools publicizing Constitution Day.  NCSL was relying on me to use my vast contacts to get these videos into the hands of the teachers who could use them to teach their school children.  There was only one problem.  They didn’t get the story correct.   Many legislators thought passing a mandate would make sure our students would understand our country better.  http://constitutionday.cpms.osd.mil/ but it can only be positive if the education is historically and academically accurate.  What is “politically correct” isn’t always correct. Continue reading