• Pitching a Fit


    Parenting can be exasperating. People get angry… And Life is filled with surprises, especially when you have little people involved.

    If you’ve ever gotten angry, we’ve got a show for you!

    On today’s edition of Home Front, we share how you can have a happy family despite having to get along with other people. You’ll hear the secret sauce that makes harmony and unity even when circumstances test your endurance.

    Today we’re talking with Israel Wayne about his recent book he wrote with his wife, Brook, called, Pitchin a fit.

    Israel is an Author and Conference Speaker, and Director of Family Renewal.

  • Israel Wayne – Taking America Back One Family At a Time


    You don’t have to throw the baby out with the bath water!

    On today’s show we help you understand what’s involved with full time parenting and where our culture is heading.

    We’re about to help you learn what we can do to take America back…one family at a time.

    Our guest is Author, Speaker and Director of Family Renewal, Israel Wayne. I have enjoyed reading his works for years. For more information, go to his website: www.familyrenewal.org