• Refugee Resettlement

    We hear plenty about the problem of illegal aliens coming across our Mexican border, but we are hearing very little about those who are flooding our country through the refugee resettlement program. The refugees are automatically eligible for all our welfare programs and many other perks, such as sidestepping the normal hurdles other immigrants must cross.

    Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, said, “Immigration without assimilation is invasion.” The goal should be to help them find our American way of life. If we could get them integrated into our communities, into our churches, speak our language and love our country, it could benefit everyone.

    But that’s not happening. If we look at France, Sweden, Germany and other countries in Europe, we will see what our future could look like. Once the Muslims reach a critical mass, the situation will be irreversible, and we will not be able to recover our country.

  • Refugee Resettlement


    Have you ever noticed that a lot of newcomers to America are Muslims?  Why are they coming to small towns instead of the big cities?  Who is paying for them to be here? And most importantly, will they assimilate? We get into these questions.

    On today’s episode of Home Front, we interview Ann Corcoran from Refugee Resettlement Watch.  Ann Corcoran is the editor of  the Refugee Resettlement Watch and author of a book called Refugee Resettlement and Hijra to America.

  • Illegal Aliens, Immigration and Amnesty

    Illegal Aliens 1
    Here is a photo of Gary Leu, me, Bernie, Aaron and Melody Jeffries and their daughter at the Fall Festival. Hopefully, you are enjoying the fall as much as all of us.

    In addition to enjoying all the beautiful leaves and fall festivals, a few weeks ago I went to Denver to speak on the topic of Illegal Immigration and Amnesty.  For those of you who were not able to come, we are offering the audio for our Home Front Radio Show this evening.   We have the right answers.  Now it is up to our Congress to do what is right.  With the looming amnesty battle raging in Washington DC, it’s time for us to think about what we are doing and ask what is fair, proper and best for our nation—not what’s best for the lobbyists—not what’s best for the political parties—but what will best serve our country’ integrity and unity in the future.

    We owe it to ourselves and to our posterity to live within the rules and to find more intelligent and principled ways of governing.  Some people think the congress will turn our immigration system into a free-for-all as the office holders pander to get votes.

    The American citizens, who came here legally, are often better citizens than the natural born ones because they have a perspective that makes them so grateful for the freedoms, markets and virtue they find in our country.  Most of them know more about our history, civics and our constitution than those who have lived here all their lives.  They struggled to go through the proper channels and are working to make our country great through assimilation, not invasion.