• The Future of Obamacare Beverly Gossage


    Do you ever wonder what is preventing Obamacare from being repealed, especially since the Republicans have the majority?

    People like to speculate on whether Obamacare will go away.

    Well, on our show today, we give you some of these answers and more.  As an added bonus, you’ll learn about the best alternatives if you want insurance, but don’t want Obamacare—Liberty vs. Samaritan vs Altrua vs Medishare vs Aliera.

    On this show, we interview insurance expert, Beverly Gossage.  Beverly is the president and founder of HSA Benefits Consulting.  She is also a health policy advisor for the entire nation.  She is a senior fellow for Independent Women’s Voice, an expert in medical insurance, and comes to us today to share from her experience on the best way to understand medical insurance.