• What’s Next For Illinois and Missouri?

    We all love the song, “God Bless America”.  Yet, will God keep blessing us when our nation is passing laws every day that throw Biblical principles out of our culture?  There is a wave of cultural change in our country striking at the bedrock of our society.  The family is under attack.  Even if your state supports marriage (one man and one woman), your city might be passing laws to unravel the marriage laws your state passed.  The American way of life is inseparably intertwined with Judeo-Christian ethics.

    When University City was trying to find a way to reward immorality in their city, I went to the City Council Meeting to speak out about this ordinance.  Unfortunately, we were terribly outnumbered.  Yet, we must never give up the fight for the soul of our communities.

    Illinois 1
    Speaking before the University City Council shortly before they took a vote to create special privileges for those in a “domestic partnership”.

    A lot of folks give up if they focus on the observable results.  As you can see from the photo, I was surrounded by the opposition, naysayers and people who are mocking our values.  Even those in the Republican Party are now conflicted over whether they should continue to hold to their own platform.