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Credit Card Chips and Debt


I bring you a former State Senator, Jeff Baxter, from Washington to talk with us about credit cards and economics. If you’re wondering why your new credit card has a chip in it, you’re about to find out why. Jeff is a former State Senator from Washington State. He is still active at the legislative level state wide, as well as locally.

We spend some time explaining the cycle of debt and why people are enticed to increase their debt load to their detriment.

Bill Lussenheide on Money and America


In this edition of Home Front, we talk about money, what’s happening in California and even throw in some NFL football talk.  I am going to ask Bill how we are going to get our country back on track and you will love his answers.

Bill Lussenheide shares some of his insights on what is really happening to our country.  Bill is a financial adviser and ran for congress in 2010.

We don’t leave you hanging or depressed.  There are great answers!

Kevin Wolter – Money and Investing


What is the best way to invest our money? If the government has gone off the gold standard, is anything safe? Today we talk with Kevin Wolter from Coins Plus in Spokane, Washington about the strategies that work.

Kevin has been trained in Keynesian economics and Austrian economics. He shares with us how the current system entices people to take on personal debt and why that is not good or helpful.

Kevin also explains to us how to know if you are being ripped off by some of the online gold operations and shows how important it is to deal with someone reputable like coinsplus.com