• How to Be Effective

    How to be Effective 1
    This is a photo from the National Day of Prayer Ceremony held in O’Fallon last Thursday.

    Do our problems stem from the Democrats or Republicans? Ultimately, our problems are far greater than just partisan wrangling. The majority of our problems stem from a flawed understanding of the needs of humanity, so we frustrate ourselves with the wrong solutions.

    A few years ago we sold Sarah Palin’s book in our bookstore. My husband compared my views with those of Sarah Palin in many philosophical and political areas. He said I was better and a more cohesive public figure than Gov. Palin. She just provided an example of why I have to take exception to some of her comments because they are not consistent with human dignity and godly principles.

  • State Rep Matt Shea – Bundy Ranch, Political Parties and More


    Representative Matt Shea, from Washington State shares the inside story of the Bundy Ranch.  Plus, we discuss whether the political party makes any difference. How do the elected officials change after getting into office?  Join us as we delve into these issues and more.

    Matt Shea is an attorney and has been serving Spokane Valley, Washington for over 5 years.  He shares his secrets to his effectiveness in a Democrat controlled House of Representatives.