• When Is It Time To Take A Stand

    When Is It Time To Take A Stand 1

    The Story from Oregon touched my heart.  However, it was difficult to find out what was happening.  Many news outlets showed bias. The information trickling out conflicted.

    What is the proper role of government?  There was plenty of blame to go around and plenty of armchair coaching, but a core issue was whether our government would turn on its own citizens.

    For the sake of saving you time, here is my analysis of what happened:

  • State Rep Matt Shea – Bundy Ranch, Political Parties and More


    Representative Matt Shea, from Washington State shares the inside story of the Bundy Ranch.  Plus, we discuss whether the political party makes any difference. How do the elected officials change after getting into office?  Join us as we delve into these issues and more.

    Matt Shea is an attorney and has been serving Spokane Valley, Washington for over 5 years.  He shares his secrets to his effectiveness in a Democrat controlled House of Representatives.