• Courts and the Bill of Rights – Donald Brockett


    The Constitution is not designed to tell us all the ways government can interfere with our lives, it was designed to limit the size, scope and reach of government. Very few people have read the Constitution, let alone understand it.

    Today we have Donald Brockett, Author of the book “The Tyrannical Rule of the US Supreme Court: How the Court has Violated the Constitution.” He is a former prosecuting attorney of Spokane County, Washington and comes to share his wealth of knowledge with us today.

    We answer questions like: Can courts make laws? Which is the most misapplied amendment? Do the states have the right to legalize marijuana?

    You’ll enjoy hearing these answers and even more about our bill of rights.

  • The Bill of Rights Analysis


    What do you know about the Bill of Rights? Today I interview Cecily Wright from Spokane, Washington. Cecily and John Wright run the Northwest Grassroots organization which hosts a monthly “Movie Night”. http://www.northwestgrassroots.com/

    Don’t think the Tea Party movement is dead. They still get between 50-100 citizens coming out to their local meetings hungry to hear the truth about the foundations of our nation. There’s hope!

    In this episode you will hear an analysis of the first 10 amendments and how the current laws being passed by congress are trampling on these rights.

    Anyone can understand if you want to listen and learn. Let’s get a grip on our birthright before we lose it!