• Three Boxes

    Three Boxes 1
    This is a picture of the first sample ballot I received with my name on it.  The County clerks are required to send a sample to each candidate so we can check to see if our name is spelled correctly.  There’s something about seeing my name on the ballot for the first time that brings home the reality that this is really going to happen.

    Bob Parker, our guest on our Home Front Show this week said, “We have three boxes:  The Ballot Box, the Soap Box and the Ammo Box”. The majority of legislators in Congress claim to be pro-second amendment, so why are they spending their time in session discussing how they can place more hardships on our good law-abiding citizens?  Evil didn’t originate from an act of Congress and it cannot be eradicated by an act of Congress.  Can someone please explain to them that they are under no obligation to placate the man occupying the White House?

    As long as there are elections, we can still make a difference.

    For now, I’m changing the Country by working through the ballot box. I urge you to use the ballot box as well. It’s time to send new people with a new tone to Washington, DC. We have an opportunity like never before to change our Congress!