• Vaccinations


    In today’s episode of Home Front you will hear some little known dirty secrets about what is inside vaccinations and what is in your elected officials.

    Dr. Mary Ann Block is one of this nation’s leading experts on vaccinations and she is here today to clear away some of the confusion about whether vaccinations are good or bad.

    This show will inform you about vaccinations. Don’t wait until you have a tragedy in your family to find out the amount of risk you are taking.

  • What’s Going On in Middle School?


    In this edition of Home Front, we talk with two experts on “Children in Middle School.” One of them is even taking a few moments out of her middle school classroom to join us. We talk about ADHD, cutting, computers and what it’s like to be in “the pampered generation”.

    Our guests today are on the fore front of the battle to raise our children:

    Cynthia Tobias— has a successful background that includes over 25 years of private practice, 8 years of teaching high school, and 6 years in law enforcement. Lives in Washington State. www.cynthiatobias.com

    Susan Acuna–mother of three sons, taught middle school for 20 years and has a popular blog called, Mrsacuna.wordpress.com