We went back to our old family homestead and took a photo with our Aunt Wilma and Uncle Donald.  They still sleep every night in the same bedroom where he was born!  This was back when people paid for medical services and when medical services were within reach of most people.


Having insurance is a lot like gambling.  One big difference is with gambling, you win if you win.  With insurance, you win if you lose!  Or if you lose, you win!

Where else do people purchase a product they hope will never be used?

Now that Obamacare has had several years to percolate through the masses, we have ridiculously high premiums and still plenty of folks who are uninsured.

When the Democrats were in the majority and Obama was the president, we called it “Obamacare”.  Now that Obama is out of office, and the Republicans are financially supporting the program, calling it “Obamacare” just doesn’t seem to fit.

It’s not right to call it, “The Affordable Care Act” either because the program has made insurance far less affordable and it’s not about care.  However, for consistency in labeling, we reluctantly refer to it now as “ACA”.

Was the insurance industry made profitable by fear-mongering and lawsuits?  Congress—both under Democratic and Republican control — failed to take on the real drivers behind the costs.  As a result, we still have the worst of both worlds and the highest medical insurance premiums in history!  We’re at a point where insurance costs more than food, clothing and housing combined for many folks!

Average individual health Insurance premiums increased 99% Since 2013, the year before Obamacare, & Family Premiums Increased 140%, according to eHealth.com shopping data, and it continues worsening every year.

Anytime government reduces the amount of money left in our paychecks for disposable income, it’s wrongful interference.  The government should be there to protect us from oppression, not to originate oppression!

What solution do you want to see? 

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‘Your HMO won’t cover injuries stemming form office politics.’

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  1. Praise the Lord for Samaritan Ministries


    and other similar Christian Sharing programs. They are SO MUCH better than commercial or government insurance. Our experience in 18 years has been so pleasing we said “no” to paying for Medicare Part B and continue with Samaritan.

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