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Last week I spoke at the Constitution Party meeting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with some amazing people.  We had such a great time with sweet fellowship.  I wish you all could have been there.


There’s been plenty of analysis of the school shooting in Florida last week.  Some of it is helpful, but much of the mainstream commentary is slanted.  Big government proponents seek to use this tragedy to advance a political agenda to grow governmental bureaucracies, justify more National intrusion, reduce personal responsibility and erode our second amendment.

The worst ideas focus on treating the symptoms, not the real problems.  To find the right answers, we must look at the root cause.  Some people blame guns, psychotropic drugs, adoption issues, Asperger’s Syndrome, and lack of school-provided law enforcement.

However, I have not heard anyone talk about what schools teach students.  My daughter was required to read “The Most Dangerous Game” about someone who hunted other human beings.  The year before she was required to read, “The Hunter and the Hunted”, which was just as bad. 

To promote evil in the classroom is, at a minimum, a dereliction of duty, if not educational abuse.  Our schools are hired by the public for the public good.  When they no longer teach goodness or when they undermine goodness, the only recourse we have is to remove our public support.

These children, in their formative years, are forced to read stories of evil, horror, and violence, which is especially inappropriate at a time when their tender consciences are developing.  The blatant disrespect of human life or the glamorization of heinous or shameful behavior plants seeds of pathological behavior and creates emotional scars that may never heal.

On top of that, much of the required reading for English classes contains foul language.  This should never be acceptable in the classroom.  If teachers don’t allow their students to use expletives, why are these children forced to put these words into their minds?  

Every experience forms a conscience for either good or evil.  We must recognize what we’re doing when we teach any curriculum that indelibly damages the conscience.  So many schools are trying to not talk about anything religious, yet moral standards are religious because they all originate from one’s worldview.   When will the schools take responsibility for their part in debasing the character of the students by mainstreaming evil?

We should never accept this as normal!  There is only a finite amount of time in each class.  Every time a teacher assigns an immoral book, it removes time that could be spent on true classics.

Schools used to teach virtues like courage, honesty, brotherly love and the dignity of our humanity.  This is what we get when we teach children we evolved from pond scum.  What happened to all the good literature that used to teach children useful lessons that would make them a success in life instead of this mental pollution forced upon them as a requirement for graduation?  Many of these books actually teach racism and enlarge the cultural divide.

Some examples of what used to be taught are Robinson Caruso, Little Women, Moby Dick, Frankenstein, Ben Hur, McGuffey’s Readers, Horatio Alger’s novels, C. S. Lewis, John Milton and stories that nurture the soul, spur hope, inspire greatness, unity, compassion, love for our fellow-man and an acute awareness of right vs. wrong.

These books inspired generations of young people to understand what good character looks like and encouraged them to aspire to make their lives count and to make the world a better place.  We must use every opportunity to promote a more free and virtuous society.

The same day as the school shooting in Florida, my daughter’s high school experienced a power outage.  My daughter’s first thought was wondering if it might be a mass shooter.  How sad that our kids have to concern themselves with this!

Here are a few comments from some of my smarter friends:

“The issues we’re dealing with are not ailments of mental health, but of spiritual health.  It isn’t the presence of a gun in the hand, but the absence of God in the heart that we see such carnage.” ~ Tamara

“A friend pointed this out to me, but to all my friends on the political right who are jumping on the “mentally ill people shouldn’t own guns”bandwagon, ask yourself how you’re going to work with the political left on this when they don’t really know what mental illness is? Remember they believe there are 63 genders of the human race.” ~ P.W.

“We protect stores, banks, courthouses, sporting events, POLITICIANS, (including former Presidents) with, guess what? guns. The list goes on and on and on… But somehow we can’t seem to protect our futures greatest asset, our children, the next generation, with guns? It’s truly maddening.  It’s time to start protecting ALL of our schools with guns. Allow ALL teachers and staff who want to carry, to carry.” ~ Eric

“The shooting in Florida is NOT a national problem. It is NOT a federal government issue. It happened in Florida. It is a community issue first…a local issue first. Washington needs to stay out of these issues. Local, county and state solutions should be preferred every time.
Why do we want Washington mandating solutions to the local citizens and government? The founders gave the power to the people, not the federal government.” ~ Scott

What would Billy Sunday think of school shootings? 
Perhaps more important than a national conversation on guns, he would call for a national inquiry into what killer kids are being taught in public schools.  ‘
“”Rivers of America will run with blood filled to their banks before we will submit to them taking the Bible out of our schools.'” ~ Bill  

So what is the proper way to protect our school children?

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1.)  We must all raise awareness of how these problems start.  I’m going to attend the next school board meeting to ask them why they’re making these kids read books that promote violence, evil and popularize low-life living.  You can do the same!

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  • Doug Kalusniak

    Time for parents to visit school boards and voice to them what should be taught in our schools. Laws prohibit certain actions in our schools, however, the progressive liberals who have been brainwashed in our colleges and universities are now brainwashing our children K-12.

  • Arthur LeBeau, Jr.

    The problem is not overly complicated to fix.. How about putting God back in the schools? Attend school board meetings and see what goes on. The board will put you down but stand firm.. Get other parents to go with you and speak out.

    The biggest failure is the so called Christian Churches, they don’t teach the Words of Jesus in depth. Too busy to get a donation. Think about it — what have the churches actively done about murdering babies in the last 45 yrs? They are not active — all the rhetoric won;t solve the problems, but that is all you will hear. Because of their 501(c)3 they won’t speak out on the schools. Tell them to do research and they don’t need the 502.(c)3. Ask them to follow and act upon the Biblical Words of Jesus Christ

    I am 84 yrs old and have been fighting this in the courts and elsewhere for over 60 yrs. Christian (so called) lawyers & judges allow this murdering. Look at the so called Christians in government (Claire McCaskill) and what have they done — more gun control (what a joke).

    Each of you pray to Jesus and ask Him what you should do. Please become active and perhaps others will follow.

  • Lloyd

    See More laws do not a moral people make:

    “Could it be that the problem is not guns but rather ideas? Could it be that the preaching victimization and fomenting class resentment is the problem? Could it be that race baiting and belittling traditional morality is the problem? Could it be that dumbing down the value of life by creating a culture of death is the problem?”

    “Could it be that worshiping government rather than God is the problem? Could it be that affirming and extolling the atheistic ideologies of history’s worst socialist regimes while castigating the self-evident truths endowed to us by our Creator is the problem? Could it be that these terrible ideas, and not the law-abiding citizens exercising their constitutional right to protect themselves, are the problem?”

  • Rebecca

    Public schools were founded to remove children from the influence of their parents in order to train them to be loyal workers for the state. That deliberately contradicts the clear command of God that parents are to train their children.

    Additionally, public schools are funded by wealth redistribution which is a politically correct term for the sin of covetousness. Forcing others to pay for your child’s education is morally wrong even if it is legal. Charity is always voluntary, never under compulsion.

    And yet we expect that these institutions founded upon ungodly principles will somehow teach children truth? It is time to question our own worldviews and see that we have absorbed the lies of the socialists.

  • Anthony M. Sowell

    When I went to high school some required reading was:

    Lord of the Flies
    Shakespeare (i.e. Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, etc.)
    Fahrenheit 451
    A Brave New World
    The Catcher in the Rye
    Pride and Predjudice
    Animal Farm
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

    Although a lot of these books were pretty dark there were certain glaring warnings and lessons that were of value to a free society. I was raised in a household that demanded a Godly moral imperative and was corporeally punished (I really did have it coming) when necessary. I also remember when we were told we were no longer allowed to have a voluntary (non-state sponsored) prayer group in school which was roughly fifteen years after the Supreme Court ruling which prohibited a state sponsored religion. I started high school in September of 1979 which is the same year the Department of Education was federalized October 17, 1979. Now I find myself praying for and welcoming the apocalypse so the evil of this present darkness is ended.

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