Here is a picture of the Utah Data Center, also known as the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center.

How much does the government know about you? The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution says we cannot be searched without a search warrant.  However, information about us may not be private as we think.

When Donald Trump told Americans he was wire-tapped during the election, he did us all a favor…and we could all be wire-tapped as well!  Here is a video where Judge Napolitano explains how it works.

Gary Bauer said this:  “Most Americans know we live in a dangerous world and they have been satisfied to let the people charged with keeping us safe do what they have to do. It likely means we would be troubled if we knew everything that was done in the defense of our country.”

Given the nature of high aggression campaigns coupled with modern technology, it may be a bigger surprise if anyone’s campaign isn’t wire-tapped.

My advice is to live as if everything we say is being recorded by someone.  The Bible says God sees, hears and knows everything and we will be judged by every idle word we speak.  How’s that for surveillance!

As hard as the mainstream media tried to say there’s nothing to see here, President Trump’s assistant, Steve Bannon, said this:

On our show today, we talk with Darrell Castle about wiretapping and the future of Obamacare.  He discusses the Utah Data Center and where we’re heading as a Nation.

Even if the government isn’t directly spying on us, we know that the private sector retains all kinds of information about what we purchase, where we buy, what information we “Google”, causes and issues we support.  Is it possible to keep any secrets?

How much do you think the government knows about you?


1.)  Watch what you say AND WEAR in front of your smart TV.  This video shows what can actually happen.   I would rather keep an older TV than risk this, but if you have one, learn how to protect yourself.

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