Here I am with Pam Fichter, Former President of Missouri Right to Life, at the Respect Life Convention in St. Louis.
Here I am with Pam Fichter, Former President of Missouri Right to Life, at the Respect Life Convention in St. Louis.

Once again we are coming up on the anniversary of one of the worst US Supreme Court decisions in history. Instead of more “armchair hand-wringing”, I recommend we take a more active approach.

First, get informed about all of the ways in which human life is being abused. Even though the Supreme Court made a bad decision long ago, the people in this Country are not bound by that opinion.

Second, regardless of how you regard the weight of the US Supreme Court OPINION, the Congress is under no obligation to fund abortion. There are legislative remedies available RIGHT NOW that are not being employed.

Third, we can do more to create awareness of the importance of respecting our humanity. Here are a few examples of how we have degraded human life:

Life in a petri dish
Life in a freezer
Life laying in a hospital bed with a disease
Life in a womb for rent
And of course, life that is purposely destroyed before birth because of dissent about the timing.

Fourth, something you can do is to QUIT ELECTING CANDIDATES who support Planned Parenthood. A lot of office holders will say they were only voting for the budget and Planned Parenthood was a small part of it. However, if all of the candidates who promised their districts they would be “Pro-Life” actually were “Pro-Life”, abortion in this Country would never be funded with tax payer dollars again.

If you write your members of Congress and ask them why they voted to fund Planned Parenthood, they will probably tell you that they voted on other bills to restrict the funding of Planned Parenthood. This is a fraud. Once the budget is passed, the rest is merely showmanship and has no substance.

That’s the same as saying, “I voted to fund the arsonist because I also voted to fund the fire department.” Obama will veto a bill that cuts Planned Parenthood, but Obama already signed his approval for the budget, so there is nothing left to discuss.

As much as people like to complain about Obama, he is not our biggest problem—the Congress is. I long for a day when the legislators will remove all expenditures that are not called for in the Constitution. When that happens, we will know that the lawmakers understand their proper jurisdiction.

We need to consider how we handle all human life in our Country. Abortion is only one facet. Euthanasia, donor-conceived, fertility-clinic conceived, surrogate-gestated and cloning are all parts of the unethical mix we have created.

The Center for Bioethics and Culture is doing just that. Listen to our podcast this week to hear more from the Founder of the Center for Bioethics and Culture. She explains how the taking, the faking and the making of human life is destroying the dignity of us all and what we can do about it.

This photo was taken at a meeting I had with the "Students for Life" at Mizzou (Missouri's University in Columbia).
This photo was taken at a meeting I had with the “Students for Life” at Mizzou (Missouri’s University in Columbia).


1.) Quit voting for those who don’t support human life. The only language they understand is the threat of losing their elections. If we quit voting for them, we make way for those who will respect life.

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  • John Israel

    WE THE PEOPLE need to impeach judges
    Who do NOT follow the Constitution!

    How about a petition drive to the Congress to impeach?

    Why not ?

    I am ready to sign one!

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