Leadership with a Servant’s Heart

My heart goes out to all the graduates who were short changed this year.  This picture is not from this year, but it serves as a reminder of more celebratory days.


It’s time for us to live our lives again and be happy again.   This is a time to be kind, helpful, clean out your house and give your stuff to people who are less fortunate.

The most hurtful part of this virus is the dissension between people who are supposed to have a common goal.  When our Country has been attacked or survived wars, there was a prevailing ideology that we want the common good.  Now so many families are divided on conflicting “facts”.  There is definitely a crisis of leadership in our Country.

Let’s hope that this crisis has exposed the bad leaders who used the crisis to push for more socialism.  Let’s alao hope the crisis revealed the courage of those who deserve to be returned to office.  One of my favorite leaders is Franklin Graham.

Is there any leader during this COVID crisis you admire the most?




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  • George Thompson

    The best leaders during this massive push into socialism are, imho, the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, and the leader of Sweden’s government, Andreas Norlén. Each remembered and enacted policies consistent with the concept that governments are instituted by the people to secure our God given inalienable rights, and that depriving us of these rights with draconian dictatorial edicts is not freedom, but a kick in the posterior down the slippery slope to serfdom.

  • Bill Gnuse

    I submit, the most hurtful part of the virus is the untimely deaths of 93,142 people in the United Sates and 331,092 worldwide. More than numbers these are family members. Grandmas, Grandpas, Moms, Dads, Aunts and Uncles who will be gone forever never to be seen again.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the lead members of the White House Corona Virus Task Force, is considered one of the most trusted medical figures in the country. Dr. Fauci has been most worthy of my respect and admiration during this time of unprecedented uncertainty.

    This pandemic requires a precise and immediate response. Calling it Socialism contributes to the the problem instead of seeking the solution.

  • Arthur LeBeau

    I must take great exception to the post above that congratulates Dr. Fauci. Check him out in detail he is such a farce and phony and for socialism. Don’t take my word or anyone else’s,just do your own research. The socialists love people such as the poster & Fauci

    • Bill

      With all due respect, Mr. Lebeau, this poster is strongly opposed to socialism. I rejoiced when Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race. Their philosophy much like Fidel Castro is dangerous. As an Eagle Scout and Veteran I support your right to Freedom of Speech. This pandemic is both a biological challenge and an economic challenge. The enemy is the very highly contagious Corona virus. If we defeat this virus the economy also wins. If we loose the economy will also loose. It really is not rocket science. Make no mistake, this poster supports Capitalism and Free enterprise.

  • Arthur LeBeau

    Bo;; I will leave the matter goas you are not ging to change your thnking as Dr.Cauci — he is definitely not the mostrespected 0- do some research,.

    As to the deaths from where do you get the ihnformation? I do not believe it is accurate and not filled with numbers that were not Ovidl9 but added to the list because of the old age other infirmities. Have a blessed eveningas I wish to all, some day we learn the truth in heaven and perhaps before on this earth.

  • Arthur LeBeau

    I don’t like to post too often, but I apologize for all the typing errors above at my old age of 86 I make mistakes. And it gripes me for I have a teaching certificate to teach typing on one of those Underwoods back in the forties.One had to type l40 words per minute to get it. I love the computors but I am just not fully knowledgeable.

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