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Today we interview Daniel Lattier, the Vice-President of Intellectual Take Out—Feed Your Mind.

Why are conservatives losing?

Believe it or not, “freedom” might not be a winning idea. Now, one thing to understand is that most of the conservative think tanks lead with the term “freedom” in their missions and visions. They see freedom as the preeminent founding idea of America and the source of its exceptionalism, and they exist in large part to promote freedom in all its manifestations—the free market, free enterprise, individual freedom, etc. … “freedom” may still be a winning idea, but is the problem that it just needs to be messaged better to the American public?

His website, is designed to produce thought-provoking content that is both relevant and concise. It’s mission is to take complex ideas and break them down in a digestible form. Too many times, we turn off our brains and just repeat what we hear on the news without considering how much of it is truth and how much of it is “politically correct spin.”

You will learn why some messages have failed to connect to the greatest needs of the voters.

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  • RWPeck

    I appreciate the analogy of America as a tree that still looks good on the surface, but is dead and rotting at the core. The good news is that America’s core is a spiritual core and the Lord is that spirit who gives life to the dead and calls things that be not as though they were. He can give a rebirth to the spiritual core of a nation that is dying and make it a new creation in Christ.

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