Honesty in Politics

Me with two of my daughters.  They  know more about campaigns than most kids. Yes, it’s Momplicated!


How many of you can’t wait until the election gets over so we can get back to normal?  How many of you are sick of getting your mailboxes stuffed and all the ads on TV?  Millions of dollars are being spent because advertising changes the minds of voters.  But how much of it is honest?

Candidates can say anything they want during campaign time.  It is not binding after the election.  If a candidate promises something and then changes, the election cannot be undone.  That’s why Claire McCaskill is trying so hard to make sure the voters are not aware of how far to the left she leans.  Here is the video of her showing how hard she works to camouflage her real motives.  Will she be smoked out this time around, or will the voters trust whichever side has the most ads?

A friend of mine sent me an email from Claire McCaskill where she said, “We’re in a hell of a fight…”.  Can you imagine how far down we’ve come?  An elected Senator believes she will receive more money for her campaign by using a swear word in her appeal?  We know that’s how she talks because she made a video asking men to “shut the hell up.”

Before you vote you owe it to yourself to understand the philosophy behind the candidates.  Our current Senator claims to be a “moderate”, meaning she wants the greatest number of voters in the middle of the spectrum to support her.  Not a bad campaign strategy.  However, when Claire McCaskill endorsed the 2008 president of the United States, she preferred Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton.  Apparently, the “support the woman” thing didn’t work there.  Hillary Clinton was more moderate than Barack Obama.

We only get this opportunity once every six years.  If a voter doesn’t know the candidate, call the campaign office and get your own information first hand.  Cherish your vote!  Don’t squander it on anyone or anything you haven’t studied.

How do you research your candidates?

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1.)  Call any campaign office and ask your own questions.  Campaign workers like to be called.  It validates their jobs.  Even if you don’t get any answer, or any good answer, that is your answer.  You have nothing to lose.

2.) On our podcast this week, we interview two authors, Debbie Alsdorf and Joan Edwards Kay, authors of It’s Momplicated — Hope and Healing for Imperfect Daughters of Imperfect Mothers.  They share with us some insights on how to understand your mother and how to be a better mother to your children.  We need stronger families to have a stronger Country!  If you want to have a friend, you have to be a friend.  Share our newsletter and this podcast with someone who may need it.   You can hear our show here.

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  • Michael John Kilgus

    I worked on the Hill from June of 1984 through June of 1986. I didn’t work for any politician, but I worked with some. And, since I worked with them, not for them, I never had to sign a “non-disclosure agreement”, so I can talk about anything I want to. And I had to listen to them lie about being workers for the people, when the only thing they were really interested in was power and greed! Trump has started some serious changes and I hope that he can stop them being self-interested and make them become more interested in their voters. If that happens he will bring back the truth of our Constitution and remove so much waste!

    • Dan Jestic

      I’m thinking that may be why several ‘opted’ to retire; they saw the writing the wall and figured to take the money and run before exposed for wrongdoing.

  • Lee

    I understand that the “Truth in Advertising” Act exempts politicians fro liable? If this is correct, it seriously needs to be changed…Liars are getting away with murder!

  • Eldon

    I understand that the “Truth in Advertising” Act exempts politicians from liable? If this is correct, it seriously needs to be changed…Liars are getting away with murder!

  • Dan Jestic

    I think the “mobs or jobs?” slogan is a good one. I look at big picture items and figure all the rest is just noise, designed for others who get easily lost in the weeds. Do we want economic growth, American strength, a clear and definitive foreign policy, unfiltered talk or the economic malaise, global apologies, American disparagement, pandering to targeted demographics of the past?

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