Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech
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Missouri seems to make a lot of national news for our ability to protest stuff!  Over the last few days people tried to disrupt our way of life and it prompted a lot of discussion about the freedoms we want to enjoy.

If those protesting would hold a prayer vigil for peace instead of hurting people, the outcome would be far different.   But these are not protesters.  These are criminals, communists,  anarchists and vandals.

Those on our side have had more than their fair share of disappointing judicial rulings.  We usually have no reaction beyond posting on Facebook and talking with our friends about moral decline and cultural mudslides.

They have bussed people into our area, smashed things, disrespected police and scared shoppers out of the malls.  These are not normal people who are just unhappy.  This is an organization looking for a cause to bring harm to our region.

Also in the news, a State Senator, Maria Chappel-Nadel, made a remark saying she hoped our President would be assassinated.  Many people called on her to resign from her office.  Some office holders suggested the Senate take a vote to remove  this Senator from office.

Having listened to both sides of the argument, I can understand both perspectives.  Yet, we must realize that whatever happens in one setting can be applied to the good guys if the winds of public opinion should turn.

Most public officeholders have experienced unhappy constituents.  If enough of these voters are unhappy, they can vote for a replacement next election.  The winner of the election gets to keep the office until their voters elect someone else.

Attempting to undo an election is a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly.  On the other hand, when people are elected, there is no law requiring them to serve as long as they can.

On our show today we interview a former State Representative, Tila Hubrecht, who won an election to become a State Representative and then resigned her office.

Do you think the Senator should have resigned?

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  • Clark Shay

    This dame even had the guts to put her assassination want into print. It wasn’t even vocal. She should definitely resign or be removed. It’s that serious.

  • Don Becker

    She should be held accountable for her comments. That is the price you pay for freedom of speech. She should be impeached. And all those that made comments, pictures, videos, etc of President Trump should have been held accountable. They should have been dragged to Secret Service headquarters and heavily questioned for several hours and held for another 48. Let’s see how cool or funny they think they are after that.

  • William Carl

    That is treachory to call on a president to be assassinated. This person should be held accountable for her actions. As a law abiding blue collar citizen, if I were to say that when President Obama was the current president, I would still be in jail. Off the cuff remarks like this need to be dealt with whomever is a sitting president, or for that matter, any person who holds a high position in government.

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