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522511_10150929689307701_1075588428_nFor all of you who still have fathers to honor, we hope you had a great Father’s Day.

As a mother of seven, it gives me great joy to know that we are making some contributions to this world.  One of the first lessons we teach our children is to respect the rights of other people’s property.  I only wish those who are giving away our sovereignty would have learned the same lesson.  

Many parents teach their children, “Actions speak louder than words.”  By their actions, the United Nations is not focused on how to make us better.  Most of the delegates come from countries that don’t understand the benefits of free markets, freedom of speech or freedom of religion.  Therefore, it may be unrealistic for us to expect them to understand our way of life.

If you invited someone over for dinner and your guest insulted you, complained about your rules and then wanted to tie you up, take your money and give it to their friends, most people would tell the guest to leave.  It amazes me that our country continues to play host to this group, not realizing that we are accomplishing nothing and our continuation of this appeasement process is causing more harm than good.  

Agenda 21 is an idea being pushed by the United Nations and the White House to destroy our property rights.  It will rob people of their ability to use their land and if they already own it by curtailling what they can do on it—which is the same as taking it without compensation.  Any daycare worker will tell you that two year old children tend to grab toys from each other.  Instead of the United Nations behaving like the mature adult peace keeper, it has become more like a mob of juveniles seeking to enrich themselves at the cost of others.

The latest land grab is in the form of the “White River Watershed National Blueway”.   This will take over the property rights of 17 million acres of land in 60 counties in Missouri and Arkansas.  Instead of thinking about whether this map affects you, maybe we should think of how long it will take for them to get to us next.

Map of the affected areas:

Constitution Party Article Summary of what it does: 

The Baxtor Bulletin news paper article:

Wayne Hage, land rights advocate:  “Either you have the right to own property or you ARE property.”
Karl Marx:  “The theory of the Communist may be summed up in a single sentence…abolition of private property.”
John Adams:  “Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist.”

This is not an issue related to political parties.  This is related to whether you support our country or not.

 Here is a website called Democrats Against Agenda 21

Fortunately, our legislature also passed a bill that ought to offer us some protections:

Stay tuned because tonight we will be asking Bill Federer to discuss what else is happening at the United Nations to curtail our freedom of speech.

As parents want our children will grow up in a better world where people are fair, honest and respect each other. While I believe the U.N. started off to do well, perhaps it can take some “civility lessons” from some of the best parents in America.
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Home Front Podcast – June 18, 2013

Tonight we will be talking with Bill Federer about what is happening to our country.  Join us for some fascinating facts about how we arrived at the place we now find ourselves.  Bill Federer is one of America’s most well informed historians.  We will discuss how we find ourselves at this place in history and how we can correct the direction of our nation.

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A Little Bit of Humor…

   A small boy was struggling with his math homework.

After a while, he turned to his father and said:

“Dad, can you help me?”

The father said: “I could. But it wouldn’t be right, would it?”

“Probably not,” said the boy. “But you could at least give it a try.”

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