• Darrell Castle – Supreme Court


    Our guest is Darrell Castle, Constitution Party Presidential nominee in 2016. Darrell is the premier legal expert on all things Constitutional.

    On our show today, we explain how the senate makes decisions on who to confirm, what’s happening around the world and how to navigate through the potholes of government.

    You will leave with a fresh perspective to give you hope and encouragement on how to understand the events in the world taking place today.

  • Bill Eigel – Does Money Trump Message?


    Does the message trump the money?

    How can an office holder make sure he’s not absorbed into the soup after getting elected?

    What happens when a citizen trying to protect his business ends up working to change his government?

    On today’s edition of Home Front, I confront these questions with Bill Eigel, a candidate for State Senate. You will hear what makes a military guy tick and some new ideas on how to pay for our roads.

  • Senator Will Kraus


    Will Kraus was an army helicopter pilot in the war in Iraq. After he got home, he was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives. He now is in the Missouri Senate. On this episode Will tells the story of his faith and what kind of legislation he will be promoting next.

    Listen to learn more about our election laws and why we are having so much trouble passing photo ID requirements. If you want to read more about Will Kraus, you can click here: http://www.willkraus.com/