• Jacki Dirksmeyer – Feed My Peeps


    There is a private sector solution for all of our problems.

    Today I went out to meet a lady who is making a difference. She was in the catering business and observed all the quantities of good food that was being thrown out and found a way to save it, transport it and convert it into providing a little bit of happiness for those who are less fortunate.

    If you think about the size of the entire St. Louis metropolitan area, you end up with a lot of food that is being trashed and a lot of people who would like to have it, if only someone could make the transition happen.

    Jacki Dirksmeyer started an organization called, “Feed My Peeps“. She is that lady who made the connection. We met at an outside cafĂ© near an interstate, so you will hear plenty of traffic in the background, but you will also hear her heart and hopefully, it will inspire you to think about what you can do in your own community.