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Can Government Get Back in the Box?

Last week we met with the O'Fallon Patriots!   So grateful there are people who want to fix our country.

Last week we met with the O’Fallon Patriots!  
So grateful there are people who want to fix our country.

My daughter came home from her graduate school last weekend and brought another student who was from China.  Her friend asked me why I got involved in politics.  I can understand how difficult this may be to understand for someone who is from a Communist country, but it’s a good question for all of us to answer.

The greatest reason for us to get involved is because we can make a difference!  We live in a Country where our actions today will affect the future generations.  This is a serious and powerful motivator.

Our system is designed so that our ideas and the way we act on our ideas have an effect.  As I have traveled around the district, it surprises me to see how much enthusiasm exists for our  effort to challenge the status quo.  Continue reading

Robert Andrews Talks About the Family and Civil Government


Join us for a great conversation with Robert Andrews, founder of http://gospelparenting.com/.  Robert lives in Colville, Washington and shares some insights on the role of civil government.  Robert is a former high school chemistry teacher, basketball coach and college campus minister.