• What’s in the Future For Our Money?


    Are you optimistic or pessimistic about our economy?

    Do you worry about the country’s monetary system crashing and leaving us penniless?

    Today we interview an expert on the financial systems of the world who will answer all of these questions and more.

    On today’s episode, you will get to hear from financial expert, Doug Tjaden. He answers our questions you may have had, but never knew who to ask about money, investing, storing gold, Bitcoin, FinTech, and when the market might reset.

    Doug Tjaden is a pastor, author, public speaker has a wife and five children lives Kansas City.

  • Kevin Wolter – Money and Investing


    What is the best way to invest our money? If the government has gone off the gold standard, is anything safe? Today we talk with Kevin Wolter from Coins Plus in Spokane, Washington about the strategies that work.

    Kevin has been trained in Keynesian economics and Austrian economics. He shares with us how the current system entices people to take on personal debt and why that is not good or helpful.

    Kevin also explains to us how to know if you are being ripped off by some of the online gold operations and shows how important it is to deal with someone reputable like coinsplus.com