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Cynthia Davis Receives the Exclusive Endorsement

250,000 Pro-Life Voters Will Have a Choice

LifeflowersSince the readers of my “State Talk” newsletter are so important to me, I wanted you to be among the first to know.  In case you felt the earth quake and wondered what that was about, here is the story.  Missouri Right to Life made a courageous and bold move and is endorsing my candidacy for Lt. Governor.  This is causing ripples across the nation because I am running on the Constitution Party ticket.  However, when the other two major parties fail to field candidates who are capable of promoting our values, it becomes necessary to seek other options.

The biggest problem the voters have is trying to tell the difference between the candidates who shoot hot air and the real deals.  Fortunately, Missouri Right to Life has done extensive homework to make it clear for us to know. Continue reading

Birth Control

Why is this a Government Issue?


Yesterday I went to the Capitol for the “Religious Freedom Rally.” It was a thrill to be joined by so many others who understand the importance of preserving our religious freedom. Continue reading

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