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What’s Up with the Kavanaugh Hearings?

Ha.  Ha.  I’m sure the Post Dispatch didn’t intend it to endorse Kavanaugh as a future saint. We will be watching to see if it’s true.

It’s hard to believe these are grown adults when you watch people getting arrested at a public hearing for something that’s supposed to be dignified.  Many of the Democrat protesters are treating this hearing as if we were holding an election on whether abortion should be legal in our Country.

The party of the KKK, in favor of killing millions of unborn, Jim Crow Laws, Robert Byrd, sexual perversion, slavery and opposition to the Civil Rights Act now says one moderate Republican judge is an existential threat to our Democracy.  Continue reading


Just a friendly sword fight to get everyone thinking about politics.


Last week the United States Senate voted to continue funding abortion through Planned Parenthood.  Many of us have wondered, “What’s it going to take to save America?”  If all of us do whatever we can do, we could turn this Country around tomorrow.

The world says, “Tolerance is love”.  but that’s not true.  Tolerance is the opposite of love.  Tolerance is lazy apathy.  Love is sacrificial action.  A loving person would give a warning to our neighbors in a loving way.  Real truth is helpful.  If our neighbor’s house were on fire, would it be right to let it burn because we’re tolerating the smell of smoke?  As long as the fire doesn’t spread to my house, it’s none of my business? Continue reading

Making Babies

I hope you’re having a great summer!


There’s an old commercial that ends with the punch line, “It’s not nice to fool mother nature!”

Yet, that’s what we attempt to do all the time.

When it comes to medical technology, especially creating life and ending life, medical science definitely has a hand to play.  The question is where the moral line should be drawn.  What is the right public policy about how to end a life or surrogate motherhood or what to do with frozen embryos that nobody wants anymore? Continue reading

Back to School

This is my daughter, Susanna on her first day of school several  years ago.  Most of you know that feeling.  We start the year so optimistic and then get surprised at how the year ends.


Whether you have kids, grand kids or not, anyone who walks into a retail store will notice that everything screams, “Back to School!”  It dominates the calendar!

Every school year, like life, is full of both pleasant surprises and bitter disappointments.  I remember walking into my child’s school and being confronted with posters everywhere inviting the students to join the sexual perversion club.  Other clubs didn’t have posters plastered in every hallway, bathroom and on several lockers —  to assure that no students could be left unaware that this school offers this club!  We encourage what we celebrate. Instead of celebrating good character, we’re celebrating bad character.

Here is one of the walls at the Webster Groves High School:

Continue reading

Voting Wisdom

A blast from the past.  This is a photo of what we looked like eight years ago at the grand opening of the headquarters.  You might enjoy picking out some people who went on to become larger political figures in St. Charles County.


Next week many of us will be voting in a primary election.  This is a golden opportunity to get the right people in place for the November election.  So many people stay home in August and then complain about our choices in November, but August is where much of the damage occurs!

When I was in the legislature, I reminded myself that I would be judged at the end of my life by every thought, word, deed AND EVERY VOTE!

Here’s my advice:
Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils.  All that does is guarantee someone evil will win.  Vote for the long term, not just the election before us.  It’s okay to cast a protest vote.  If none of the candidates meet your standards, don’t be afraid to withhold your vote.   Continue reading

Children at the Border

This is my daughter and my newest grandchild at a reception after her baptism.


There is nothing more precious to us than our children and grandchildren.  Families function on the emotional level.  Governments must function on a pragmatic and principled level.  Governments must define policies as “one size fits all”. 

If children are being separated from their parents who are attempting to enter this Country illegally, the blame belongs to the parents who did this to their children, presuming those children even belong to those adults.  There has been a 314% INCREASE in adults arriving at the border posing with kids who are not their children! That is not a family, that is child trafficking!   Additionally, although we use the term “children”, many of the teens who arrive without parents are males between 15 – 17. Continue reading

Defenders of the Unborn

This is a picture of me with my husband and one of my best supporters getting ready to march with the Defenders of the Unborn at the beginning of the Webster Groves 4th of July Parade.  As you can tell, it was a very hot day!


You would think that after being in dozens of parades for dozens of years, I would enjoy an opportunity to sit this one out, enjoy the air conditioning and relax.  That’s what I was planning to do until someone asked me to lend my support to the life float in the  Webster Groves Parade.  Who wouldn’t want to defend the unborn?

We are winning this!  It encouraged the spectators to see us come by serving as a conscience for the community.   On our show today we talk with Kristi Hamrick about the Students for Life.  We have many reasons to be optimistic! Continue reading

Supreme Court Nominee

President Trump nominated Brett M. Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.  I have heard good reports about Kavanaugh, so it doesn’t bother me that he is a man and has light skin or if he’s a minority.  If he upholds the Constitution, that is the main criteria!

The role of the US Supreme Court is not to represent the latest political philosophy of the day.  We have elections for that.  The Supreme Court is supposed to hear individual cases through the measuring stick of the US Constitution and render an OPINION as to how the Constitution applies in these circumstances.

The candidates who win their elections make laws and represent us.  The appointed judges are supposed to represent the law, which includes the Constitution.  We don’t get to appoint our judges, but we can pressure our senators to confirm the appointment.  The timing can’t be better because many senators are up for re-election one month after the confirmation vote is expected. Continue reading


Happy Independence Day, everyone!


Marijuana is becoming a larger part of our society every day, especially as more states declare it to be legal.   Marijuana proponents try to diffuse arguments about the harm to children by claiming it will be for adults only.  Yet, once the marijuana gets into the hands of adults, a percentage of the time it trickles down to children.

We are now in a perfect storm.  It’s more available, culturally sanctioned and legally approved in more states than ever.   People are getting addicted at earlier ages and it is causing changes to our Country in proportions like we’ve never seen.  Continue reading

The Red Hen Restaurant

What would summer be like without a a trip to the frozen custard stand?


Perhaps they need to change the name from “Red Hen” to “Blue Hen” if they’re so fearful of people who hold different political beliefs.  By now you’ve probably heard about the owner of the Red Hen asking Sarah Sanders to leave because Sarah works for the President of the United States.

As a business owner myself, I am shocked by the behavior of this business owner.  Sarah Sanders was not asking to make a political speech.  She was not asking to use the restaurant for a political fundraiser.  She was not attempting to get the staff or other patrons to support Donald Trump.  She was just coming as a paying customer. Continue reading

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