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Candidates and Christianity

We recently had a lot of fun with Ed Martin unveiling his new coloring/comic book with the Phyllis Schlafly Next Generation Eagles.  So important to get the next generation involved!


Frequently, people ask if I plan to run for any public office again.  It’s a fair question, but I’m not sure our Country is in a place where the voters want Christians or Constitutionally minded people in office.  The masses that listen to the media and popular icons of the left demonstrate that adhering to the Constitution is not that important to the rank and file voters.  Our screams, “That’s not Constitutional!”, are often met with yawns and waves for us to move on to relevant information.

Most of you understand what’s at stake and I love constituents who are committed to Constitutional principles.  However, the hearts of voters need to change before we will see real change in our  Country. Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day

This is me with the two best fathers in the world—my dad and my husband!


Without dads, our world would end.  (Same for mothers as well!)  One of the most treasured attributes in a father is faithfulness.  A godly man is the biggest asset to a family and country!  As we look around, one of the biggest problems precipitating the cultural decline is fatherlessness.   If you have a father, make sure you try to honor him this week.

This week on our show, we interview John Trent.  John is the author of the book, The Language of Love and is an expert on what it takes to put strong families back together.  He  grew up in a broken home and speaks out of personal experience based on much research.

My hope is that this show will encourage you to love your family members more deeply.  By having a functional family, you will honor God and play a role to stabilize our Country. Continue reading

The Governor and Christianity

I heard someone say, “I bet Peter Kinder regrets giving up his Lt. Governor office now.” He gave it up to run for Governor. Peter lost the primary, so Mike Parson won the open Lt. Gov office. Nobody could have predicted the new Governor wouldn’t last even 17 months. Yet, God still controls who goes where. Here is a picture of our new Governor, Mike Parson, getting sworn into office last Friday. There’s something special about swearing on a Bible. It is a statement that God will hold him accountable for whatever he does.


After last week’s resignation of our Governor, I posted this:  “I’m calling on all Christians to pray that Eric Greitens and his family will find Christ at the end of this mess.”

The responses that resulted gave me great insights into the thinking of most people in our culture today.  Many assumed he was a Christian because he claimed to be “a conservative”, (whatever that means) and a Republican.  Ha.

Some showed moral outrage, but others tried to shame those who were morally outraged.  Should one’s religion be a factor for serving in public office? Continue reading

How to Vet Candidates


This is me with my husband, Bernie and our son, Philip at the Hixson Middle School Pops Concert last week.  We were both in our High School bands, so it means
a lot to us to have a son in the band.  Although I am not running for anything myself, I have time to evaluate other candidates this election cycle.  Evaluating candidates is important too!


Frequently people ask for my thoughts on the US Senate race.  I was a judge at one of the candidate forums, but there’s always so much more we want to know.

As a former candidate myself, I want to assure you that candidates like to be asked questions.  If they don’t want to answer questions, they shouldn’t run for office.   Being a candidate means one must answer questions—a lot of questions!

Candidates should give out their phone numbers and tell us where they live.  If a candidate doesn’t want to share this information, that is a red flag that this person may be unqualified for office.  Being in office involves representing the people, which means we offer our constituents access to us. Continue reading

Words and Deeds

Our Daughter graduated from High School this week.  Six kids down and one more to go!


Personal integrity is the only way our Country can work.  Companies make location decisions based on the quality of the workforce available.  The quality of the workforce has to do with the work ethic they possess.  It’s all about integrity.

What is the value of a word?  People used to buy real estate on just a handshake.  That standard isn’t recognized anymore.  A handshake means nothing in a court of law.  Yet, there is hope for the future if we want to reclaim the values that made our Nation strong. Continue reading

Trade Partnerships

Most of you know I own a retail business, Back To Basics Christian Store in the Mid Rivers Mall. Whenever it is possible, we like to order our stock from American manufacturers. This is a picture of me with my husband and Joe Knutson, President of P. Graham Dunn at the factory in Dalton, Ohio where the Amish make a lot of our inventory.


The idea of trade sounds good on the surface.  We all like to have neighbors and trade our stuff for theirs.  Specialization propelled our prosperity.

However, now many trade deals have shipped our most productive jobs overseas and thereby, sent some of our prosperity away.   Some of these trades further enrich and prop up hostile foreign dictatorships.

There is a moral component to where we direct our finances.  Is that what we want to do with our money?

Some people are trying to tear down our historic monuments because we don’t want anything that could remind us of the era when our Country allowed slavery.  Yet we support slavery when it comes to slaves from other countries, particularly China, making goods for us to buy at cheap prices. Continue reading

Spread Too Thin

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there!  This is a picture of us with all of our children in chronological order.  Talk about being spread thin!  Some things we never will give up.


Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of success at doing something that doesn’t really matter.

So many good activists and patriots are exhausted by living in a state of frantic living instead of enjoying abundant lives.  If the Devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy—too busy to be any good for others.  Ultimately, we will feel starved and unfulfilled in our lives.

We all know we should do something to make the world a better place, but what happens when we’re spread too thin?  The answer is not to lop off everything, but to take time to stay refreshed with what brings meaning and joy in our lives.  Continue reading

National Day Of Prayer

What are you doing for the National Day of Prayer?


The theme for this year is “Unity”.  I love that idea and know that God loves that idea as well.  Racism is not a skin problem.  It’s a sin problem.  It is very beautiful and Nationally defining when we have desire to come together and ask God for help.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged about our current condition.  Your attendance is not for others as much as it is a statement about trusting God to listen and act.  Why not take our problems and requests to the One who can change things and speak to Him as a group? Continue reading

Gun Owners of America

This is a picture of me with talk show host, Laura Ingraham. Laura went through a brutal media lynching for making a comment about David Hogg, outspoken high school student. We are at a point where talk show hosts can lose their jobs for expressing their opinions. A St. Louis talk show host, Jamie Allman, lost two jobs for making a remark about David Hogg that brought a tidal wave of negative publicity to his station, 97.1 FM.


Shortly after the last school shooting in Florida, we watched public forums to discuss remedies for school violence.  The wrath of the left-leaning, anti-second amendment activists came down hard on the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association).  Curiously, the Gun Owners of America escaped the fury.  When I asked Larry Pratt, the Executive Director about this, he said it’s because they don’t negotiate.

You’d think these anti-gun activists would be more interested in attacking the Gun Owners of America, but perhaps they were concerned that their target would be too broad.  Just the name implies a broader base. Continue reading

What’s A Sex-Ed “Sit Out”?

This is a picture of me with my husband and newest grandchild.  It’s up to us to do whatever we can to help the generations to follow.


It’s remarkable what we can accomplish when we band together to help each other.  Many parents have tried going to school board meetings, tried to elect more “family-friendly” school board members and tried political activism, but these techniques have rendered little more than temporary placation.  Many parents will get a token pat on the back or a lecture on how to get used to it.  It’s heartbreaking to watch the sex ed curricula in public schools destroy a child’s conscience, not knowing what we can do.

Schools harm children when they promote sex education that is opposite from good morals and family values.  Most sex ed curriculum teaches homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity and “all things deviant” to the most innocent citizens among us.  It is a crying shame and we must fight back! Continue reading

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