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Breaking Cover – Michele Rigby Assad


Today we have a former CIA agent who just wrote a real-life non-fiction spy memoir.   Michele Rigby Assad comes to us today to talk with us about why she joined the CIA and why she left.  You will learn about how ordinary people can do extraordinary things when their faith is bigger than their fear.

You can purchase the book at www.BacktobasicsBooks.com and learn more about it at her website:  michelerigbyassad.com

Enter the Ring – Fight for Your Marriage


Today we have two very special guests, D A and Elicia Horton.  They have been fighting for their marriage for over 15 years and share some insights from a millennial perspective on the challenges marriages face.

On our show today, you’ll learn how to fight the distractions and temptations of the world, instead of one another and what it takes to be victorious.

As more marriages dissolve, government spending on social welfare programs goes up.  When people can’t count on each other, they tend to look for governmental solutions to their problems.  By fighting to save your marriage, you’re doing more good than what is measured by your own personal happiness.

Riley Hood: Pro-Life Questions


Why do the anti-life folks win and our efforts stall out year after year after year?  On our show today we discuss some of the reasons and some ideas for what you can do to make a difference.

Today we have Riley Johnson Hood.  Riley is the former State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin.  He now is the Milwaukee County Chairman and is a frequent contributor to conservative newspapers and to the public debate.

Brad Dacus – Southern Poverty Law Center


On today’s show, we explain the subversive efforts of the Southern Poverty Law Center. You’ll find out what they are doing to unravel our rights and smear good organizations. But more importantly, we share with you what you can do to fight back.

Today we interview the President and founder of the Pacific Justice Institute, Brad Dacus.  The Pacific Justice Institute has a network with hundreds of attorneys committed to defending our religious liberties and our Constitution.

Kathy Forck – Pro-Life Issues


Don’t wait for the judges to get it right!

Many of us feel bad when we hear reports about the unborn being aborted, especially all the coercion going on in the abortion industry.  What can we do to make a difference?  With all the bad news we get every day, there are still lots of things we can do to make the world a better place.  That’s what you’ll hear about today.

Today we interview Kathy Forck, Co-Campaign Director for the 40 days for life in Columbia.

More information about the upcoming events can be found on these websites:



Perspective from the Past


Some people use the words house and home interchangeably.  But they are very different.  What does it take to have a happy home?

There are some secrets and some principles that work every time.

On today’s edition of Home Front, I bring you nearly nine decades of wisdom from my own mom.

Marylin Gosh is a former first grade school teacher, a wife of over 65 years and comes to us today to share with us some of her insights on what it takes to have a happy home.

Transgender Issues


On today’s show, we talk about a topic most talk shows will avoid….what’s involved in transgenderism.

Today we interview Dr. Cretella  Dr. Cretella is the President of the American College of Pediatricians and a general pediatrician with a special interest in behavioral pediatrics. She was elected to the College’s Board of Directors in 2005. Prior to being elected President in 2015, Dr. Cretella chaired the Adolescent Sexuality Committee, Pediatric Psychosocial Development Committee, and Scientific Policy Committee. In these roles she became one of the College’s chief researchers, writers and spokespersons on issues of pediatric mental and sexual health.

I ask the hard questions you should be afraid to google and you will be surprised by the answers we get.

Bob Adelmann


We’re not playing pattycake!   We’re playing for the heart and soul of our country.

On this episode we interview Bob Adelmann for a discussion on the future of Obamacare.

Bob is an economist and staff writer for The New American Magizine and the Constitutionalist Today Newspaper.

Bob Adelmann is a graduate of Cornell University with two degrees, including a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in economics and finance. Bob’s career path took him from insurance into estate planning, and then into investment and tax planning. After the stock market crash in October of 1987, Bob started his own investment management company that grew to over $15 million in less than 10 years. He then sold the company to his son in 1996 and now concentrates on writing for TNA.”

Greg Holder: The Genius of One


What are the hidden stories from the Ferguson Riots?

You’re about to get some real answers!

Today we interview Greg Holder, pastor of the Crossings Church.  He just released his newest book, The Genius of One.  On today’s episode he shares his insights on what it’s going to take to fix the Country.

Carol Kent: “He Holds My Hand”


Have things ever gone so badly, you had to remind yourself to breathe?  Even if you’ve never been jolted by bad news, we never know when that next horrible event could happen.  If you have ever received news so terrible that you didn’t know what to do next, there are answers,  Today I bring you someone who’s been through a nightmare  and she shares with you  today from her  true story.

Today we have Carol Kent.  Carol is a bestselling author, public speaker and former radio show cohost.  She comes to us today to talk about her newest book, He Holds My Hand.

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