Add the Home Front player to your blog or website – it’s easy. In the demo player below, click on the “Embed” button (looks like the less than symbol “<“). In the window that opens, copy the embed code and paste it into a page or sidebar on your website. To customize the player for size, color, auto-play or pop-up window functions, click the gear shaped “Customize” button to open a window containing customization options. After applying the desired options, click “Share your player” to get a new embed code to place the customized version of the player into your website.

If your website allows you to enter text in either visual (WYSIWYG) or text (HTML) modes, use the text mode to past the code into the page or the player will not work.

The player may not work on some hosted services (eg, blog) that block connections to some third party services. In such a case, you can still place a Home Front graphic on your website or blog and link it to the Home Front Podcast page. Download this graphic – – then scale it to the desired size, place it on your webpage and link the image to

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  1. LtCol Mark S. Jebens, USMC (Ret.)

    April 27, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I just watched the movie, “Don’t Tread on Me”, with extensive interviews of yourself, we were most impressed. I’m an old Mizzou graduate (’84), I personally loved the scene where you pulled out your pocket Constitution regarding Article 10 and said, “Checkmate.” Anyway, sorry to read that you didn’t succeed in your run for LtGov. Though my family and I currently reside in SC, we hope to see you on the National Political stage.
    As a matter of fact, our first step is to de-register as Republicans….and are looking to join the Constitution Party. However, my sense that the Constitution party is in a state of disarray right now, is that an accurate assessment? I do plan on subscribing to your newsletter.

    Good Luck and Semper Fi,

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